Online coaching

December 9, 2015

We designed custom plans to accommodate your lifestyle needs and focus on getting you on your best shape with the time you have you have 3 options :

1.CUSTOM Training Custom:
coaching is the best of the best service. There are no levels with different fees and no limits on communication between athlete and coach. Coaching the way it should be: great communication, blending the art with the science of coaching and being able to adjust training to support life balance instead of the other way around

2. Training Plan:
This is a great service for the self-coached athlete who needs guidance from a professional coach without the continued support and communication that is provided in our custom coaching program. Your coach will interview you about your current fitness level, life balance and goals and will formulate a custom training plan. 25 per week minimun 8 weeks 1hour interviewd to set up your plan

3. Training Consultation:
Do you like to create your own plans?? But you still have some questions that need to be answered about the art and science of coaching, periodization models, race preparation and strategies, or anything else you can think of?